Want to work on a campsite?

Want to work

on a campsite?

Working on a BestCamp campsite or holiday park is fun! You are right in the holiday atmosphere, it is versatile and you meet lots of people. Do you see it sit? Every year the campsites are looking for enthusiastic holiday employees, seasonal workers and trainees to join the team during the season.

Summer job or internship at a campsite
Are you looking for great summer job at a campsite or would you like an internship at a campsite? Are you service minded, flexible and representative? Come experience the fun and educational work at a campsite. Join one of the BestCamp campsites for seasonal work, a summer job or an internship.

Features at a campsite
Working on a campsite BestCamp is very diverse. Decide what is best for you. Is that the reception, in the shop, kitchen, pool, field or recreation team? What function fits best with you, you are guaranteed versatile work and you meet lots of people. For all functions you're actively cooperating and improvising but also the atmosphere makes it a lot of fun.

Interested in working at a campsite?
Are you excited to work at a campsite? See the different BestCamp campsites online and send the campsite of your preference your application with CV and photo.