Reservation conditions

Reservation conditions

Reservation conditions

BestCamp is an organization that manages the marketing activities of recreational companies such as campsites and holiday parks. Upon making a reservation on, you will book directly with the recreational company.
Making a reservation on can be done by following the process of the online reservation system. If you have any questions, or if any problem arises while making your reservation, please contact the recreational company you have selected.
The European Union safeguards remote purchases (by phone, internet or mail) with the right of withdrawal, also called the cooling-off period. This right is not applicable if you rent a camping spot or accommodation on a recreational company offered by BestCamp. This means that the reservation made by you, is legally definitive as soon as you have confirmed it.
A legal agreement between you and the recreational company will commence from the moment you have received the invoice of the recreational company. This means you won’t be entering into an agreement with BestCamp.

You may stay on your camping spot with a tent, a tent trailer, a mobile home or camping car, unless stated otherwise. Mobile homes and campers with a width of more than 2.5 meters or a length over 8 meters (including drawbars) are not permitted. Every camping spot allows for a maximum of two side-tents or one party-tent, an extra fee will apply.

The recreational company will take your preferences into account to a maximum degree. Upon booking a preferred spot, this will be definitive upon receiving your written confirmation with the invoice of the recreational company attached. Securing a lot number is only guaranteed upon payment of a preference charge.

Upon receiving the confirmation of your reservation, 50% of the total rental amount is to be paid within two weeks. The remaining amount is to be received by the recreational company no later than six weeks before your scheduled arrival. If you make a reservation with a scheduled arrival date that lies within six weeks of that moment, the entire reservation fee is to be paid directly upon confirming your reservation. The recreational companies reserve the right to charge administration fees or cancel your reservation if the payment terms are not abided with.

The pricing for a year will, with the exception of print errors, unexpected VAT charges, government fees and levies and obvious mistakes, remain the same during that year. offers you an overview of all pricing on your screen while making a reservation. Although we have created these prices with the upmost care, we reserve the right to correct the pricing when your reservation has been confirmed online. The final pricing will become definitive when you have received the confirmation and invoice from the recreational company.

Rental accommodations: The recreational companies reserve the right to charge a financial guarantee. This will be paid back to you upon your departure if the rental accommodation is left clean and tidy, no inventory is missing and no damages have occurred to the accommodation or its inventory.
Rental items: The recreational companies may also charge a financial security for rental of certain items. This guarantee will be paid back to when you have returned the undamaged items.

Changes resulting into a partial cancellation (e.g. shortening the reservation period) will be subject to our cancellation terms. All changes in reservations may be subject to administration fees.

A. If your stay is cancelled between the date you made your reservation and 6 weeks before your scheduled arrival, 50% of the rental price will be charged to you.
B. If your stay is cancelled between 6 weeks up to 1 week before your scheduled arrival, 90% of the rental price will be charged to you.
C. If your stay is cancelled between one week of your scheduled arrival and the day of your scheduled arrival, the entire rental fee will be charged to you.
D. If you arrive later or return earlier to and from your reserved accommodation or spot, we cannot reimburse payments that have already been made.
E. All cancellations are to be send in writing.

We recommend subscription to the cancellation insurance program upon making your reservation. By doing so you will be safeguarded against cancellation fees for rental accommodations and camping spots if one of you travel companions:
A. gets ill or hurt as a result of an accident;
B. faces a passing of a first-degree relative
This insurance will also safeguard you against cancellation fees if the breadwinner of your family loses his or her income. You can only apply for the cancellation insurance while making your reservation. This provides for a safeguard from the date of your reservation to your scheduled arrival day. If you would have to leave during your holiday, a reimbursement will be provided for the number of days you haven’t been able to enjoy your holiday. If this was to happen, you will need to inform the reception of the campsite or holiday park about your early departure. If you have used any extras during your holiday, these will not be reimbursed. In order to be safeguarded by this program, you will need to be able to send us a notification of cancellation as well as proof of its reasons. No reimbursement will be installed on the cancellation security fee and the reservation costs. The insurance fee is 5.5% of the total reservation amount, with an extra € 5 administration fee. These will automatically be added to your reservation as an extra service, but will be cancelled if you have not paid the fee before its due date.

The arrival and departure time can be found on the confirmation of your reservation which you will receive directly from the recreational company.
Camping: Your camping spot is to be left evacuated and clean upon your departure.
Rental accommodations: The reception of your recreation company must be notified immediately if you would discover any deficiencies and/or missing inventory upon your arrival. Your accommodation needs to be left clean and cleared at the day of your departure.

During your rental period, mentioned on your reservation confirmation, you are allowed to bring your vehicle onto the terrain of the recreational company. One vehicle is allowed per camping spot or rental accommodation. It is not allowed to park on the roads of the camping terrain. Motorized traffic is not allowed on the terrain between 23:00 and 07:00 hours.

Visitors of campers must always sign in at the reception of the recreational company. Visitors will pay a visitor fee and may park their vehicle at parking near the entrance.

13. PETS
Depending on the recreational company, the accommodation or time of the years, rules may apply concerning pets. Pets are always to be leashed. The sanitary walks with dogs are to be taken outside of the camping terrain. Pets may not enter certain areas (e.g. the sanitary buildings). One may also not leave a pet somewhere without supervision. The owners of pets are liable for any damage or contamination caused by the animal. The owner is also to take care that the presence of its pet doesn’t disturb other guests.

Connection to the power net on a camping spot can be made with the usage of a euro plug.

If a swimming pool is present, this may only be used by registered guests of an accommodation or camping spot and other visitors is paying. The pool regulations which can be found at the entrance of the pool are to be strictly followed.

A. The recreational company does not accept liability for the loss, theft, damage or injuries inflicted by or to its visitors. Participating in the activities organized by the recreational company or third parties will entirely be for the account and risk of the participant.
B. Campers or visitors of a rental accommodation are to respect the behavioral rules as set forward by the manager of the recreational company by all who reside at the terrain.
C. Campers or visitors of a rental accommodation, who cause nuisance or disturbances, may be removed from the accommodation or the premises after being warned, without being eligible for a refund.
D. Any statements made by the staff of the recreational companies concerning the liability of the recreational company, regardless of their job role, are not binding to the creational company.
E. The terrain of the recreational park is to be quiet between 23:00 and 07:00 hours.
F. Visitors are severally liable for any damages to the properties of the recreational company.

Conditions special offers

  • Discounts are calculated on the base rent price (not on add-ons, compulsory add-ons, tourist taxes, electricity charges or end of stay cleanings).
  • They only apply to new reservations
  • Not to be combined with other promotions
  • Availability may differ per park/arrival day and is limited
  • Prices subject to change. Printing and typing errors reserved.

Right of withdrawel

Reservations made with BestCamp are instantly legally definitive. The right of withdrawal (also called: cool-off period) of 14 days does not apply on agreements made with BestCamp.