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Ardennen Rangers

All campsites BestCamp in the Ardennes and the Gaume, kids can discover nature with the Ardennes Rangers. This unique outdoor program is designed specifically for our campsites. Kids love it and after that want just one thing: to be a Ranger!

They learn in a playful way about the nature of the Ardennes and the Gaume region. Right from the start Ardennes Rangers was a huge success. With years of experience, the program is now more fun and educational than ever.

Own experience
At their own level, children are introduced to four different educational programs. In the experience parts Water World, Forest, Animal Kingdom and challenge we make children aware of how valuable and how nice nature. Playfully they are doing great outdoors in nature and stabbing still some of it on too! Children feel tough in the woods. Especially in the case of a rope build bridges over the water. And then with dry feet on the street! Or when we are strolling through the woods and find them yourself with facts from the area (the position of the sun or the moss on the trees) the road.

Ranger Passport
While most school children can register on the site for Ranger Program. She received a Rangerpet and a Ranger Passport which all activities are tracked. After going through all the worlds of experience Ranger receive a reminder in the form of a certificate.

Raptor Workshops
In the summer months are organized on the campsites falconry workshops. Come face to face with the barn owl and other birds of prey. Some campsites this part of the Ardennes Ranger program but also separately, you can book these workshops.