Towns and villages

Towns and villages

nearby Recreatiepark 't Gelloo


Lunteren is a city often visited by tourists staying in the forests in the summer months. A well-known attraction is the Old-Luntarian-Day, which as a part of the Ede Heather Week takes place at the end of August. On this day Lunteren travels back in time about 100 years. The village offers several national monuments: The church, the windmill ‘Hope’ and the dome, a watchtower located in the Galge hill in the Luntarian forest. This forest also offers a national monument: the lane pattern, being formed when the woods were created in the late 19th century in the form of a leafed trailing branch.


Less than 30 minutes away from the estate you’ll find the city Apeldoorn. Known for its city parks and its green atmosphere. Characterizing is the way houses are built, with many monumental and detached houses and relatively few high-rise. You can recognize the old village in the city center. The city has a number of museums including the Loo palace, the ‘Seventh Heaven’ museum, the Veluwsche Steam Train Corporation and the Police museum. There’s also the yearly music festival, the highlands and the beer festival. 


Arnhem is the vibrant capital of the province of Gelderland where there’s always something to do. Shopping, clubbing, activities, or do you want to enjoy a larger attraction, a museum or an event? With a large diversity in nature and culture there’s always something to do. Several events are organized in the fields of sports, music, art and culture. The most well-known attractions are Burger’s Zoo and the Dutch Museum. You can also find the Modern Arts Museum, Zijpendaal Castle and the Arnhem War Museum 40-45. Furthermore, Arnhem is the only city in The Netherlands with a trolley bus.