At Camping 't Gelloo

In addition to tranquility and space, Camping ‘t Gelloo also offers all facilities you’ll need during a great holiday. You can find a cozy restaurant, an indoor swimming pool, sports and games fields, an indoor playing room and a recreation team present in the tourist season. So even if the weather would show an off-day, you’ll have a great time at Camping ‘t Gelloo.

Restaurant, café/bar and cafeteria
Camping ’t Gelloo offers extensive catering facilities: a restaurant, a café/bar and a cafeteria which have all been renovated some years ago. Whether you want to enjoy a long dinner, go out for a quick drink or just want to eat a nice snack: you won’t have to leave the holiday park. And, in the summer season you’ll enjoy regular fun evenings and theme parties.

Sports and gaming facilities
There are a lot of sports and gaming facilities present on Camping ’t Gelloo, both indoor as outdoor. A multi-purpose sports field is available where you can enjoy a great game of tennis, soccer or basketball. You can also play a game of beach volleyball or jeu de boules. The indoor sports and gaming facilities allow for a game of Ping-Pong, darts, a human-size chessboard and of course the indoor swimming pool.

Children’s facilities
Your children will probably mostly play outside on Camping ‘t Gelloo. Strolling through the forests, playing on the playground or on the sports fields. If the weather shows an off-day, there’s still enough to participate in. There’s the ‘all-weather-room’ and the subtropical swimming pool on the holiday park. In the summer months the recreation team of Camping  ‘t Gelloo will also play its role in entertaining the children.

Indoor swimming pool
Camping ’t Gelloo offers a great heated indoor pool, allowing you to enjoy a great swim at any moment of your holiday. In addition the deeper pool, there’s also a children’s bath with a mushroom that sprays out an exciting shower. The swimming pool also has a solarium, so even if the sun shies away for a moment, you’ll return from your holiday with a great tan.

Sanitary facilities
Camping ’t Gelloo offers great sanitary facilities for campers. The sanitary building offers, apart from the regular amenities, a specially equipped baby room, a practical family shower and sanitary facilities for the less-abled. There’s also a laundry facility on the park in case you need it, so you can easily wash your clothes on Camping ‘t Gelloo.