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Is your desired accommodation not bookable or you cannot find anything within your desired period?  Please inform us by  phone +31 70 890 06 20 or  mail  to  Our openinghours are Monday - Friday 09.00 AM - 05.30 PM.  We will be happy to be at your service  during these hours. In case there are urgent matters during evening-  or weekendhours , BestCamp can be reached by phone .

Mobile homes

At Camping 't Gelloo

The chalets are located on beautiful spacious spots at Camping ‘t Gelloo. The chalets offer a surface of +-45 m² and have a capacity for a maximum of 5 persons.

The living room in the chalets passes into the open kitchen. It also has slide doors, allowing you to walk right onto the terrace, which is furnished with garden equipment. The open kitchen is fully equipped. The chalets offer three bedrooms, two bedrooms with two single beds and one bedroom with a bunk bed. The bathroom is equipped with a sink and a shower. A separate toilet is present. All chalets have television and are heated with gas heaters.

Around your chalet you’ll find grass and bush and a terrace for you to relax on. You can park one car near your chalet.

Mobile homes