Towns and villages

Towns and villages

nearby Camping De Boshoek

Below is a list of all the amusing towns and villages that are located in the vicinity of campsite De Boshoek.


Campsite De Boshoek is centrally located in the Netherlands and that means you can be in the centre of the city of Apeldoorn within half an hour. Apeldoorn is a green city with beautiful city parks. During a trip through the centre you come across many monumental buildings. Internationally renowned and surrounded by beautiful gardens is the Royal Palace Het Loo, but also make sure you visit one of the museums. Examples include the Museum 'In de zevende hemel' ( ‘In Seventh Heaven’), the museum of the Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij (Veluwsche Steam Train Company) and the Politiemuseum (Police Museum).


Arnhem is a multifaceted city . One of the finest zoos in the Netherlands is without a doubt the Burger's Zoo. Next to this zoo with safari you will find the Nederlands Openlucht Museum (Dutch Open Air Museum) where you will become acquainted with life as it was in the past. The Oorlogsmuseum 40-45 (War Museum 40-45) is a lasting reminder of the Second World War. Other museums in and around Arnhem are the Museum voor de Moderne Kunst (Museum of Modern Art), and Castle Zijpendaal. In the city centre you can explore the shopping streets around the cozy Korenmarkt.


A charming town with many squares, terraces and a star restaurant. No wonder that two million people a year visit Harderwijk. The largest and most famous attraction is the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk, where you can spend a day and enjoy the company of walruses, seals and of course dolphins. During a walk through the city you will discover exceptional monuments such as the Grote Kerk (Great Church), the visschershuisje (fisherman’s cottage) and Catharinakapel (Catherine Chapel).

Other towns and cities

In addition to the unique nature of the Veluwe a tour through the vicinity of Campsite De Boshoek leads you through pretty villages like Barneveld , Nijkerk and Putten. Enjoy the good food in the restaurant , stroll around the markets and walk through the village centres, each with their own charm and monumental buildings.