The recreation team at Camping De Boshoek will do everything during the school holidays and weekends to make an unforgettable holiday. There are also fun animations for young and old.

Once the programs are known for 2018, they will be shown below. Below you can see a preview program of the summer 2017.
July 29 to August 4, 2017

Keessie and Willie
Keessie and his girlfriend Willie are the heroes of the children. In various activities the adventures of these popular mascots of Camping De Boshoek are central.

In the Schatertheater in the middle of the park, Keessie and Willie experience great adventures. Of course Keessie and Willie can also dance well, so the songs of the Mini disco often come true. All the children of the park will be picked up for Keessie and Willie's Schatertheater or Mini Disco with the Cellphone. Collect at the Keys stops and come along.

Kids Club
The Kids Club is for children aged 3 to 10 years old. A dance, a song, it's a happy job with Keessie and his girlfriend Willie. Nice crafts, a game, theater inside or outside ... here really happens! All children are picked up with The Cell Phone, so be aware if he is coming by.

Sports program
For children aged 10 years and over, there are plenty of sporting activities in the park, including a pancake, interactive football wall and a basketball court.

Program specifically for teens
During the high season there are teenagers and sports enthusiasts present for teenagers. Together with the teens they will provide an adequate response to activities for the ten plus people.

At least five days a week, the youth hunt is open for 12+. Here you can watch a movie in the mini-cinema, games are played like air hockey and pool biljart or just chilling