Outdoor sports De Boshoek

Outdoor sports De Boshoek

Around Camping De Boshoek is an extensive range of activities on the Veluwe. From buggy and scooter drive to GPS tours, from horse riding to skid rides. Even farmersuit games are possible. The Veluwe is a versatile nature area where you can be active in many different ways.

Buggy drive

Buggy driving is a sporty and tough activity for holidaymakers who want to discover the Veluwe in a unique way. With a picnic basket in the back you follow a beautiful route along authentic places on the Veluwe. The buggies are suitable for 2 persons and it is possible to drive both individually and in a group of buggy. A valid driver's license B is required for driving a buggy.

Ride a scooter

Camping De Boshoek has the ideal scooter to discover the Veluwe: the Scootz. This pleasant, hip and silent scooter is perfect for nature. With a blue-green color, the Scootz is fun to see and fun to ride. The Scootz goes up to 25 km per hour, making a helmet not mandatory. To complete your trip, accessories are available: GPS navigation, a child seat or a suitcase for additional storage space.

GPS tours

The Veluwe can be discovered in many ways, but the step is one of the best ways. Using a GPS stairway, follow one of the most beautiful routes on the Veluwe without getting lost.


Anyone looking for a special way to see the Veluwe with the whole family can choose a hideaway. The tour begins with a cup of coffee and tasty pastry, followed by the 1.5-hour journey along the vast forest of the Veluwe. Possibly accompanied by an accordionist and with a tender piece of meat afterwards this is a fun activity for big and small.

Farmers games

These fun games are suitable for big and small. Close to Camping De Boshoek is 't Westdorp'. This is a farm where farm farmers play. Boer Gijs presents the most creative, crazy and fun games for everyone. Cow milking, ring stitching on a pony, tonnenrace or the famous chicken shooting, for farmer Gijs is nothing crazy enough!