Towns and villages

Towns and villages

nearby Camping Klein Vink

Camping Klein Vink is situated approximately 4 km from the historic center of Arcen. The fortified town of yesteryear is nicely situated between the river and the border with Germany. The fortress history is still good to see with the remnants of the toll the "de Schanstoren" and the unfinished channel "Fossa Eugeniana" on the border with the Duitse Straelen. Arcen has friendly events throughout the year such as the Asparagus Fair in the spring, the Atmosphere Markets in the summer and the famous Scrooge festival in December.

Venlo was entitled to in 2015 as the best center in the Netherlands. Venlo won the biennial election of the 'Platform Binnenstadsmanagement' in the category of medium-sized cities. Venlo has a lively center where people can fun shopping, culture or simply enjoy delicious to eat or drink on a terrace on the river. Venlo also houses the Limburg Museum. Definitely worth a visit!

Thé Rose Village of the Netherlands. Lottum is located approximately 7 km from Arcen. 70% of the Dutch rose production comes from this picturesque village. Everything in Lottum breathes roses; Pink Knowledge, bike trails, rose gardens and, of course, the Rose Festival. A special village Meuse in the Limburg landscape.

A great mix of cultures, languages ​​and flavors makes Maastricht a city with the best of both. Of North and South. Of past and present. Of young and old. Maastricht bustles, and not only by the students. Maastricht making it a great shopping destination for a day trip.