Towns and villages

Towns and villages

Hunzedal holiday park is located in the town of Borger. Borger has a nice center with shops, cafes and restaurants. Here also are the largest dolmens in the Netherlands. The largest megalithic tomb of the Netherlands is less than 23 meters long. If you want to know more about the history of megaliths, then a visit to the Hunebedcentrum recommended. Outside Borger you can visit some nice towns and charming villages.

Assen is located approximately 20 kilometers from Holiday Park Hunzedal and is best known for the TT races Assen. At the Assen racing circuit there is a annually gathering of the fastest motorcycles and different races. Assen however has more to offer. During the city tour 'City of Palaces', you will pass several historic buildings, including the Abbey Church from the 13th century. Another asset of the city is the Drenthe Museum, where you can learn more about the prehistory and early time in Drenthe. The town of Assen has modern shopping malls, restaurants and cafes.

Emmen is located at 20 kilometers of Holiday Park Hunzedal. The zoo Dienrenpark Emmen is one of the major attractions of the city. Emmen also has a shopping mall and a multiplex cinema. The beautiful scenery in and around Emmen, with among others 10 dolmens you can discover by bike or car.

Groningen is 45 km from Holiday Hunzedal. This charming town has a center with lots of terraces and a large range of shops. On the Grote Markt you'll find the most famous attraction of the city: the Martini Church with the Martini Tower. You can climb the tower and have a great view over the city. In addition, the city has beautiful buildings and nice courtyards. In Groningen you can pedal with a boat or canoe or take a trip on a tour boat on the canals. Examples of museums are Dutch Comic Museum and the 'Groninger Museum' 'with changing exhibitions.

Dwingeloo is a lovely old village and in 2012 it was named the greenest village in Europe. The village is rich with restaurants, cafes and terraces and the area is perfect for making beautiful bike rides. On the Brink of the village stands the magnificent St. Nicholas Church.