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Prices camping includes 2 persons
Prices exclude local taxes and reservation costs

Unable to make a reservation?

Is your desired accommodation not bookable or you cannot find anything within your desired period?  Please inform us by  phone +31 70 890 06 20 or  mail  to  Our openinghours are Monday - Friday 09.00 AM - 05.30 PM.  We will be happy to be at your service  during these hours. In case there are urgent matters during evening-  or weekendhours , BestCamp can be reached by phone .


At Holiday Park Hunzedal

Holiday Park Hunzedal has an ample offering of camping spots. The camping spots are spaciously laid out, about 100 m², and are suitable for up to 10 people.

The places are well maintained and mostly located around a field. Artificial grass and plastic tarps are not permitted around the campground.