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Is your desired accommodation not bookable or you cannot find anything within your desired period?  Please inform us by  phone +31 70 890 06 20 or  mail  to  Our openinghours are Monday - Friday 09.00 AM - 05.30 PM.  We will be happy to be at your service  during these hours. In case there are urgent matters during evening-  or weekendhours , BestCamp can be reached by phone .


At Holiday Park Hunzedal

At Holiday Park Hunzedal you can rent a Hunze tent or a Gnome Plop Family Tent. The Hunze tent is a wooden bungalow with a surface area of of 23 m² meters and has a capacity up to 4 people. The property is fully equipped with TV, gas heater and 6 Amps electricity connection.

At Holiday Park Hunzedalyou can also rent a unique and brand new Gnome Plop Family Tent. The tents can be rented for up to 4 people. Sleeping in this tent gives an extra experience. Ideal for a holiday with small children!