At Camping Noordwijkse Duinen

Camping Noordwijkse Duinen is a park where many different activities are organised inside and outside of the park. There are many opportunities to enjoy an active day out on your seaside holiday.

In the summer season there’s even a recreation team present to offer great activities for your children on the holiday park.

Recreation team
Every summer an active recreation team is present on the holiday park to offer all kinds of great activities for children on the park. Many children love to play along in a sports match, dress up funny, enjoy crafts or dance in the kids disco. It’s a great way to meet other children and enjoy, as will you, their holiday on Camping Noordwijkse Duinen.

During your holiday it comes highly recommended to rent a bike and go out in the dunes. Camping Noordwijkse Duinen offers this possibility. Of course you can also rent a bike for your entire stay, allowing you to visit the beach and sit down on a terrace on the Noordwijk boulevard every day. Don’t forget to make a beautiful ride through the flower fields if you’re staying at the park in spring time. For children there are also go-karts available for rent at Camping Noordwijkse Duinen. What could be more fun than riding through the park or dunes on a go-kart?

Do you like to go out walking during your holiday? Camping Noordwijkse Duinen is centrally located in the dunes. If you go out early, there’s a good chance you’ll spot a deer. Of course you can also enjoy endless walks on the beach.

Horse riding
In addition to walking and cycling, you can also go out in the dunes and at the Noordwijk beach on horseback. Not far from Camping Noordwijkse Duinen you can visit the horse riding stable where you can embark on an outside horseback ride. Feel the wind running through your hear in a trot or gallop. Isn’t that the ultimate holiday sensation!

Golf players will be on the golf course within fifteen minutes at Golf Club Noordwijk. Are you playing a 9 holes course today, or will you go challenge yourself with the full 18 holes?

Other activities
Playing tennis, midget golf, bowling, surfing, kiting, steppes in the dunes……there are many more activities for you to enjoy during your holiday at Camping Noordwijkse Duinen. Simply great!