KD2 Dune chalet

  • 1 separate bedroom
  • Bathroom / toilet
  • TV / microwave / dishwasher
  • Accessible to wheelchair users
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Is your desired accommodation not bookable or you cannot find anything within your desired period?  Please inform us by  phone +31 70 890 06 20 or  mail  to  info@bestcamp.nl.  Our openinghours are Monday - Friday 09.00 AM - 05.30 PM.  We will be happy to be at your service  during these hours. In case there are urgent matters during evening-  or weekendhours , BestCamp can be reached by phone .

Bungalows and houses

on Camping Kijkduin

The Beach Houses are the most luxurious accommodations on the beach at Camp Kijkduin. They are single storey and very efficiently organized so that there is space for a very large living room and a kitchen with dishwasher, microwave oven, five burner stove and fridge-freezer.

The bungalow type KD2 is very suitable for the disabled. The custom device such as a lowered sink and a shower with grab rails and a roller conveyor to the terrace provide comfort and convenience for a wheelchair user.

Bungalows and houses