at Camping Aux Rives du Soleil

At Camping Aux Rives du soleil there are two sanitary facilities: 'Le Heron Blanc' and the new Arc and Ciel opened in 2016. In these buildings you will find sufficient toilets, washbasins and showers for the campers. To ensure that the bathroom is not only beautiful but also fresh, cleaning is done several times a day.

First quality sanitary facilities
In the sanitary facilities at Camping Aux Rives du Soleil, the showers are located in a room other than the restrooms. For the showers you do not need coins. The toilets are equipped with toilet paper. There are lockable cabinets with a sink and an electricity connection.

Cheerful childrens
In the centrally located new sanitary building of Camping Aux Rives du Soleil, a special baby and children's canal has been realized. Due to the increased showers, parents no longer have to bend and the washbasins and toilets are also adapted to children's attention. The basins are placed at different heights so that brothers and sisters can wash their hands next to each other or brush their teeth.

Sanitary facilities for disabled people
Camping Aux Rives du Soleil features sanitation facilities for the disabled.

Laundry facilities
If you stay at Camping Aux Rives du Soleil for more than a few days, you may want to wash your clothes and / or towels. In both sanitary facilities there is a laundry room with sink, washing machine and dryer.

Chemical toilet disposal site
For dumping of dirty water, the campsite at both sanitary facilities has a disposal site for the chemical toilet.

Dog shower
Specially for the dog lovers, there is also a special shower for dogs at the new sanitary warehouse. Has your dog become dirty after a day of walking and swimming in the river? Then there is a dog shower where you can easily wash your dog and wash it.