The bungalow tents can accommodate up to 5 people, are approximately 25 m² in size and are high enough to be upright. The tent has 3 sleeping cabins.

The fully-equipped canvas bungalow is ready for you. The 5-person canvas bungalow has a floor area of 25 m2 and large enough to stand in. The canvas bungalows are located in the best-loved spots of the campsite and you can use all the facilities available for campers.  Smoking is not allowed in the canvas bungalows. 

The Le Fleuve canvas bungalows have a large living area with an equipped kitchen unit with a gas stove and fridge.  Various safe connections are available in the tents for electric appliances. A circuit breaker and residual –current device allow you to feel at ease while using the fridge and coffeemaker. The tents have three separate sleeping cabs with comfortable beds. The beds are two metres long and are equipped with good mattresses.  There is a storage space between the sleeping cabs.

You have a garden table with three bucket seats, two adjustable chairs and a parasol at your disposal on your own patio.  The reception desk can provide you with a barbecue and a recliner is ready to enjoy the sun. 

You dispose of a garden table with two bucket seats, two adjustable seats, a recliner and a parasol on your own Kabouter Plop-patio.

  • Can accommodate up to 5 people
  • Living area with light-weight garden furniture
  • Completely equipped kitchenette
  • Storage space between the cabins
  • Toilet and shower in the nearby sanitary building
  • Lawn where you can easily put out your garden furniture