from Kustpark Strand Westende

There are various activities in the vicinity of Seaside Park Beach Westende:

Zwin nature reserve
The Zwin is a unique nature reserve and the main slikken- and salt marshes of Belgium. It is also a wintering place for birds from the north. This nature reserve is also handicap accessible.

The Butterfly Garden
In this beautiful fairy garden can quietly enjoy hundreds of colorful butterflies.

In Flanders Fields
In Flanders Fields is an interactive museum about the First World War. With information about the life and behind the front.

King Albert Memorial
The Albert Memorial is a memorial from 1938. Twenty columns support a ring beam of 100 m circumference with walkway and orientation tables.

Late 19th century a large concrete water tank built on unstable ground. Partly due to the pressure of the groundwater dropped the pit skewed. It has a peculiar sense of loss of balance here.

This is a Flemish Memorial in a European and global peace domain.

First of all, this course was an approach corridor in the First World War. This was strengthened and grew into a battle trench containing a rider ramp. This a new museum.

German Military Cemetery
In this military cemetery is the world famous sculpture "Grieving Parents" Kath Kolwitz.

De Dolle Brouwers
This is a nice tour of the brewery. Here you can also taste the Oerbier.

The bakery museum
The museum is a reconstructed ancient bakery with the mood of an old bakery shop. Here you can see old utensils, a gran garden and every Tuesday you get a baking demonstrations.

Three Master Mercator
This is the former training ship of the Belgian merchant navy (1932-1960). This still takes part in major sailing events.

Fort Napoleon
This imposing fortress was built in the time of Napoleon in the dunes. This has previously been restored by Heritage City.

Domain Raversijde
This is an impressive war museum include:

60 structures outdoors
The structures are linked through 2 km of trenches and underground tunnels
4 authentic fishing cottages
Completely remodeled home of Prince Charles

Sea Life Centre
Centre with a spectacular undersea world.

Theme Park Seafront
This is a maritime theme park with an area of 20,000 sqm including:

Russian submarine
Reptiles Country