Cities and villages

Cities and villages

nearby Kustpark Strand Westende

Beautiful places near Seaside Park Beach Westende:

Newport was formed in 1163 as a port. For centuries it was the main fishing port in the country. It was here especially for herring fishing. Now the city owns the largest marina in northern Europe. The known locks' The Ganzepoot "played during the First World War an important role. Just walk from Newport City to Nieuwpoort.

Historical Veurne
The town hall, the Spanish Pavilion, the meat station, and the other historic buildings reflect the 17th century. Enjoy a city walk in the 19th century park and the small alleys and old streets.

Shopping in Ostend
Ostend is one of the largest fishing and passenger ports of the country, but not only that. This tourist town is mostly known for its lively shopping streets and squares. Go for a walk along the harbor mouth, the route for this is available free of charge at the Tourist Office.

De Panne
Pay a visit to the shopping village De Panne. This town is the birthplace of the yachting sport. In the center is the protected Dumont district, where the houses were built around and among the dunes. This part of the beach resort dates back to the beginning of this century. There is to obtain a Heritage Walk at Tourist Office.

Diksmuide was once an important front line between the German and Allied army. A peace monument was built in 1928. The Dodengang an authentic trench is within walking distance of the Peace Memorial. A description of the walk can be obtained free of charge at Tourist Office.

The historic town of Leper
In the 12th and 13th Ypres especially given great respect by the textile industry. Ypres was completely destroyed during the First World War. After the war Ypres was again completely rebuilt in its original state. Since the Middle Ages the town was surrounded by ramparts. The 10 to 15 meter high berms were constructed beautiful parks in the past. The ramparts are ideal for hiking. At the tourist office you can obtain a free map.

The cultural Bruges
Bruges is known for its art history and culture. This town is the main tourist attraction of West Flanders. Especially under the Burgundian dukes, the city experienced an unprecedented boom. Bruges earned new fame as a city of art by the novel Bruges la Morte by Georges Rodenbach.

See the most beautiful corners of Poperinge in several ways:

  • The marked paths
  • The signposted cycle routes
  • motorcycle routes
  • Drives

You can also explore the region with the wagon. For the historical places you can start in one of the museums. Great poetry can be found in Watou.

Pleasant shopping streets, which are even traffic-free in the summer. A unique structure along the Belgian coast, the Pier Blankenberge. It was built in 1933 and has a pedestrian bridge in the sea of 350 meters.

Zeebrugge has emerged in the construction of the port, there is then a silting arise whereby a wide beach appeared. This seaside town is a bit of an outsider at all resorts. Zeebrugge is often nice and quiet here and you can easily find a place. But Zeebrugge is good not only for its beach, this city is best known as a world port. It's definitely worth it to stay around here once.

The diversity of Westende
The diversity of Middelkerke and Westende are particularly popular with tourists. This is a nice place for the whole family. In addition to the wide and fine sandy beach can be made of the varied sports infrastructure use. There is something for young and old a varied entertainment program. This is one of the finest resorts on the Belgian coast. A trip to Westende for short or long stays.