Total 3 accommodations

Mobile homes

Number of peopleMax 6 persons


Number of peopleMax 5 persons


Number of peopleMax 6 persons


At Camping De Chênefleur

Camping De Chênefleur offers you the possibility of renting an accommodation. This allows you to enjoy the easy camping life, without having to buy, carry and set-up a complete tent. Perfect for a long summer holiday or just a weekend trip.

Camping De Chênefleur offers the following accommodations:

  • Luxurious mobile homes
  • Camping Bungalows
  • Bungalow Tents

The mobile home is the most luxurious accommodation for rent at our camping site and offers the highest level of comfort. The camping bungalows are a combination between a caravan and a tent, offering a tent experience with the comfort of a mobile home. The rentable bungalow tents are spacious and allow plenty of light. All rentals on Campsite De Chênefleur are fully furnished and maintained well.