Activities and outdoor sports

On Ardennen Camping Bertrix

Many activities are organized on and from Ardennen Camping Bertrix. The beautiful Ardennes nature forms the scenery for many challenging outdoor sports and activties.

Sports fans can optimally use the great surroundings of this Ardennes campsite for survival trips and other activities. An active outdoor sports holiday as well as a recreational program is offered throughout many of the school holidays. You’ll be sure not to get bored!

The recreation team on Ardennen Camping Bertrix offers an attractive program for all ages in the summer season and throughout most school holidays. It’s up to you to decide where you and you children take part in!

Outdoor sports
Outdoor sports organization Cap Nature offers an active outdoor sports program on Ardennen Camping Bertrix in most of the school holidays. The Belgian Ardennes invite you to take part in the following outdoor activities:

The Belgian Ardennes offer a perfect scenery to enjoy a great walk. The hilly landscape and green environment assure that you’ll enjoy every walk you take. At the reception you’ll be able to get yourself maps of great walking tours. You can also go out with an experienced walking guide who will show you the most beautiful spots in the area surrounding Ardennen Camping Bertrix.

Ardennen Camping Bertrix is an excellent located campsite if you like biking or mountain biking in the Ardennes. The extensive forests and the hilly environment of the Ardennes form a true challenge for everybody who wants to enjoy the outdoor life.

Canoeing in the Ardennes has been one of the most popular holiday activities for years. The meandering river Semois can be found only few kilometers away from Ardennes Campsite Bertrix.

Abseiling, climbing, Himalaya bridge, Tyrolean traverse and other sportive activities in the climbing category in the Ardennes. Every one of them are sportive activities which let you conquer the slopes of the Ardennes using ropes.