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On and around Camping Goolderheide

At Camping Goolderheide, numerous sports facilities are available. Football, table tennis, volleyball, mini golf, badminton and skating are mere examples. The climbing forest is a challenging course for smaller children. For older children and adults there is a survival course amongst the tall pines. The pools also offer fantastic opportunities for sports and games.

During most vacations, Camping Goolderheide organises various activities. The program includes activities for children and adults, for big and small.

Camping Goolderheide is beautifully situated in the province of Limburg in Belgium. Already seven times, Limburg was officially proclaimed as the cycling paradise of Belgium. Directly from Camping Goolderheide, cycling routes start through the forests and along the fields.

Horse riding
When you arrive at Camping Goolderheide, you'll notice instantly that the campsite owners have a passion for horses. On this campsite in Limburg, Goolderheide, riders have the opportunity to bring their own horse with them.

Besides cyclists, walkers also know how to appreciate the nature of Belgian Limburg. In this region, forests are alternated with purple moors and fens, amongst other landscapes. Walking in Limburg can be done by using the pedestrian networks.